1. You will shortly be receiving the s.m.a.p. parcel: DO NOT OPEN IT.
2. Locate both the instruction i.e. word/quote/phrase/question, and the allocated number (in a sequence of 1-7).
3. Respond creatively to the instruction.
4. Photograph your response on a white background.
5. Wrap the response in a new layer on the parcel.
6. Write an instruction, and the words DO NOT OPEN, on the outside of the parcel, along with the consecutive number in the sequence of 1-7.
7a. If you are number(s) 1-6 in the sequence, select the next recipient of the parcel, then proceed to step 8.
7b. If you are number 7 in the sequence then you are the last person in the sequence and are required to email your response, and the instruction you received to and
post the parcel back to the s.m.a.p address (as detailed in the original email) then proceed to step 11.
8. Email a photograph of your response, the instruction you received and the name/postcode/email address of your intended recipient to

9. Forward the original email on to the next recipient.
10. Post the parcel on to the next recipient.
11. Thank You!! You have completed all the necessary steps!

Amanda, Andre and Lizzie (s.m.a.p heads)

Thursday, 24 February 2011

recording s.m.a.p

I have been preoccupied lately with how we record and display the secret mailed art project.
Current thoughts include the s.m.a.p unwrap experience - where smappers of each series play pass the parcel with the returned package. I like the idea of revelation in stages. After that there is the publication and exhibition where s.m.a.p becomes visible to everyone. In the meantime there is the s.m.a.p map. Which should start to emerge within the next month.

Whilst considering how to record and show s.m.a.p I came across this essay:

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